Reg Page
Media PK.2
WebSite :

Starter Package ::

-Cursed Soul Dress (M) & (F)
-Cursed Soul Hat (M) & (F)
-Cursed Soul Accesory (M) & (F)
-Gold Premium

Server :

-Instant LvL 110
-Server Name : SroLine
-Races : Euro & Chinese
-Warrior Pain/Fence's Disabled
-Cleric Bless Disabled
-Wizard Live Control Disabled

Stackable Items :

HP : 5k
MP : 5k
Vigor : 5k
Pills : 5k

SroLine Maps :

-Battle Arena (Score & CTF)
-FortressWar : Jangan/Bandit/Hotan ( Working )

About The Server :

-Always 50~80+ Players Online
-Always People Pvping At DW South
-Active GM's
-EveryDay Hide And SeeK And Other Events WitH Rewards
-Battle Arena Is Ur Only Way To Get Arena Coins Or By Donating .
-With Arena Coins You Can Buy Egy Fight/Power Or Gear Or Accesory Egy
-Everytime U Win In BA U Get 5 Arena Coins
-Everytime You Lose In BA U Get 1 Arena Coin
-Server Is Based On Insane Sro .

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