Seven Online


Made a mistake by Voting. It's means Do you like that Server? Yes i like it, No i dont like it. 

I´ll show you something about a new Privat Server.

Server Informations
Servername: SevenSro
Level Cap: 110
Mastery Cap: 330
Races: CH&EU
Slots: 3000
Server location: Germany

Premium:1x Unit
Reverse Return Scrolls:11x Unit
Global Chatting:11x Unit
On the Beta Version 1K Silk Every Day Voting on Homepage (ONLY BETA TIME)
Unclear what coming more.

Server Rates
EXP: 400x
PT-EXP: 500x
Drop Rate: 100x
Gold Rate: 100x
Rare: 50x
Hwan: 250x

Starter items

New Files & Charged
Added New Devil's Spirit (Blue&Dark)&(Red&Dark)&(Gold&Dark) so Three New. One Exsample.
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1278x1023.

Added Egy Set (Water Style) We made one in Red,And Gold Too but we not sure witch we use.

Added Old Thief Suit back

Added New desing on Weapons (Dg11) One Exsample (Water,Fire,Gold) We have.

Added & Working On a new Devil Sprit
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1278x716.

One exsample Dg13 Charge to Lv101 
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 3316x3773.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1278x1023.

And Charge some Stuffs.
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1264x848.

Added New Silkroad (Loading Screen)

Added New Laucher (Added&Fixed the MS=Ping) Bug

Added New Battelmusic and Login Intro Music.
Added New Laucher Desing
Added New Premiums with 15% Damage Incress,Defensive Incress.
Added New Damge,Defensive Scrools Icon
Added (Fixed) FortressWar / Time Friday every week.
Added (Fixed) Guild&Union images.
Added New Zerk Titels.
European:Lv95:Heaven Knight & Lv100:Lord Of the Heaven & Lv105:Senior God & Lv110: The Ultimate God
China:Lv95: Dark Knight & Lv100:Lord Of the Darkness & Lv105:Senior God & Lv110: The Ultimate God
Added New Premium on Item Mall (Premium WarLord Sparta) & (Premium Unique Hunter)
Added all Dresses in Item Mall.
Added The Egy A & B Sets + Weapons on the Item Mall.
Added European (Heaven) style Weapons Set And China (Darkness) Weapon Set Style
Added New Front InGame.
Added Seven Unquies with 10Milion HP For Events.
Added New Pimp Glow (Red if you trying +)
Added New + Glow (+5+6+7)
Added That you can pimp your Grap Pet (+1 Means = 1 Site More ) +6 Maximum.
Added That you can pimp your Devil sprit + 8 Maximum
Added That you can put blue on your Devil Sprit (Damage Incress on Unquies)
Added Dg13 Weapons and remove Dg11 Nova Weapons
Added Dg13 Set and remove Dg11 Nova Set
Added Replay Seal of Nova into Seal of Seven
Added Replay Immortality&Destruction into God Equipement & Heroers Equipement
Added Replay Fight & Power Into God Power & Heroers Power
Added Dg13 Item Names.
Added Charge Dg13 into Gold&Black Style
Added Charge Icon from Resve Return
Added Charge Icon from Damge Incress 20% Scrool
Added Charge Icon from Defensive Incress 20% Scrool
Added Gold Zerk Comon zerk.

Edit Future:
Adding:New Dresses By Self
Adding:New Weapons,Set Gear
Adding:New Skills.
Adding:New Maps.
Adding:New Unquies (Moster)
Adding:1B Trade Coin.
Adding:Unquie Rank List.
Adding:Thief,Hunter Rank List.
Adding:Best Player Rank List.
Adding:New Pvp Area by Roc
Adding: Dg13 (Maybe) I dont like Dg13 So much
Adding:Event Area for Group Events.
Adding: Darkness Area and a Heaven Area With Lv140 Unquie (God From the Heaven) & (God Darkness) Who killed it first will (Race) Will get 10% Damange,Defensive incerss. European just can enter (Darkness Area) China the (Heaven Area) It's a Project and soon Done.
Adding:Wizards Life Turnover Removed
Adding:That China can use Holy Spell & Recovery Division (Just Maybe)
Adding:Ksro,Isro Pets
Adding:From the Islam Patch the Weapons.
Adding:Black Zerk

Get Silks without Paying?!
Way Number one:I want to creat a System to Edit Silks by (Trading) So a successful trade will give you 10 Seven Points.
Way Number Two:By killing 10Unquies you can earch 10 Seven Points.
WayNumber Three:By a successful GuildWar Getting (All Guild Member (2Seven Points)
Way Four:By Winning the FortressWar Every Member Earch 25Seven Points.

Seven Points = Silks For exsample Devil's Sprite Cost 150Silk you can pay wit with Seven Points. Just a Project we Work on IT!

[GM]:Knoller (There Do) Database SQL,Media.pk2,Data.pk2,Music.Pk2,Desing 3D (BMS.OBJ),Homepage Creator.
[GM]:Snoopy (There Do) Event Master,Suppsporter, Sponsor.
[GM]:Sunkid (There Do) Sponsor TeamSpeak Server,Event Master.
[Mod]:P0S31D0N (There Do) Event Master, Suppsporting you Ingame (Arabica, in Teamspeak)
[Mod]:Loula (There Do) Suppsporting you Ingame (Hungarian, in Teamspeak)
[Mod]:Placed (Langauge Suppsporter Russia&Polish)
[Mod]:dad3vil (Langauge Suppsporter Romania)

Searching More Team Member:
Mods (Suppsporter) 1Place Available
Event Master.

We Do like every 2 Day a Hide Event you can earch from this event Premium,Dresses. We dont care about Money we just want to give a great Time. We Earch without that server almost 4000€ 

Dg13 Added on Lv110 Cap
We have replay Dg10 to dg11 and dg11 is dg13 (Egy A,B) Stronger like Dg13 Weapons the Magical,Phy Attack from the Dg13 Set is the same like Dg11 Nova.

Beta Time (Server)
VRoot Ultra
CPU: 10.000 MHz
Ram: 5.120MB DDR-RAM
1000 MBit/sek Netzwerkkarte

About the Media.pk2, Data.pk2, Music.pk2, Particles.pk2
That's not the Ksro Files with dg13 I have added the Dg13 separately so this .pk2 dont work on other privat server. So the man_item,woman_item isen't on prim/mtrl/item/china/comon/man_item&woman_item. So its a unquie Data.pk2.

FortressWar is every Friday 20:00 - 21:00
After it (If we done coding it) We allowed to Enter the (Darkness Area) & (Heave Area). European's can only enter (Darkness Area) and China's only (Heaven Area) (We are in the process) to Add two Unquies lv 140 the first Race WHO killed the Unquie get for 1week (10% damange,defensive Inc.)
Well its just a (Project not done)

Inspection Time Weekly
We do every Friday after FW a weekly Update.

BackUp Server
We have a Backup server we saving all Weekly happeds in a log. So by Bugs or Something shit happeds we can Roll-BACK. (Every Friday on Server inspection we save the SQL DB)

Dg13 Befor
epvpImg: Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!

Dg13 After
epvpImg: Don't read the site title, upload images!

Working on new Skins (China,European)
Unclean Upload pics coming soon.

After Beta Time (Server)
Typ AMD Opteron™ 3280
Anzahl CPUs Octo-Core
Taktfrequenz 8x 2,4 GHz
Kapazität 16 GB
Anzahl 2
Kapazität 2.000 GB
Typ SATA II, 7.200upm, 8 MB
RAID RAID 1 per Software
Chipsatz AMD 880G
Netzwerk Broadcom BCM57780
Datentransfer Unbegrenzt
Tarif Flatrate
Switchport 100 MBit
Außenanbindung über 150 GBit
Provider Deutsche Telekom, Level 3, Global Crossing, cogent, DE-CIX, interoute, u.a.
Linux openSUSE, Cent OS, Ubuntu und Debian
Windows Webserver 2008 R2 + 15 EUR/Monat
Control Panel  
Linux Plesk 10.x – 10 Domains
Windows Plesk 10.x – 10 Domains
IP-Adressen 1 inkl., bis zu 4 möglich
Reboot Power
Recovery Power
Backup Power
Reverse Power

The Server Release
We want to Public the Server 30.03.2012

Some More Pics



We have buyed today (29.03.2012) The server & Homepage we wait just for answer from the host. Then we release it it can maybe takes 1-2days more! Everybody get free Silks (One time on one account) and a Grap pet 28Days. The accounts dont BE DELET! On the beta time. The beta time will be just 5Days! The Price low on this server! Premium Plus Exsample. If somebody try to earch more Silk and creat 10-20Accounts will be banned we check the IPS! Dont try it.

Attached Thumbnails
Seven Silkroad Online (SSRO) Privat Server. (WE NEED YOU)-vollbildaufzeichnung-25.03.2012-155045.bmp.jpg   Seven Silkroad Online (SSRO) Privat Server. (WE NEED YOU)-vollbildaufzeichnung-20.03.2012-234245.bmp.jpg   Seven Silkroad Online (SSRO) Privat Server. (WE NEED YOU)-ladebalken.jpg   Seven Silkroad Online (SSRO) Privat Server. (WE NEED YOU)-33.jpg   Seven Silkroad Online (SSRO) Privat Server. (WE NEED YOU)-sro-2012-03-28-07-43-58-_68.jpg  
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