Rates: EXP: 100x, DROP: 50x, GOLD: 17x, Alchemy: 2x

As many of us noticed, servers started to open one after another, all the same, different rates. I believe players are actually searching for a server which can provide StabilityProfessinal Management and more important than anything,Confidence that it will be there next year aswell.

People want a server opened by professionals, not by sro fans, kids, bored people,etc.
As srstats admin said, its getting annoying and boring to see all kind of servers opening up, looking bad, working bad...its almost making you hate Silkroad.

Hello everybody, this is Elder from PlaySRO Fun Server

I'd like to post this server so everybody can find out about it. Its new and been worked on it for few days. 
What we did, is, we managed to make it stable enought for 1000 players, add all quests, add guild emblems and uniques.

The server is version 1.191, Level 110 with competitive but fun rates of 100x.

================================================== =============

Website: PlaySRO HighRate Server
Facebook: PlaySRO | Facebook

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