Class Onlie

[ Details ]

Following are details of the gameplay.

* Exp: 90x
* Party: 100x
* Item/Gold rate: 25x
* Level cap : 110
* Skill cap: 110
* Mastery cap : 330
* Gear cap : 11th Degree
* Weapon cap : 11th Degree
* Race : Chinese & Euro
* CTF~1h ||| B.Arena~2h ||| FW~1week ||| Roc~1week
* Lots of custom stuff added ingame, welcome to the most updated server!

[ Official website ]
Class Online

[ Official forum ] • Index page

[ Official shop ]

Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

Here you have part of our last update so you can see we´re a very active server which improves so hard the gameplay! There are many more features which aren´t added here but you will be noticing ingame.

[ Features ]

- New visual tweaks, client more customized for Class Online
- Added monsters and items from D12 (Only available for GM's and their events.)
- Added more avatars, now there are about 100 to choose, as you see we should have all avatars you've seen.
- Added Custom Class Online avatars for GM's
- Job profit rates increased 55x. Now 5* trade run from Jangan->Hotan should be 
- Trader shops disabled everywhere except at Hotan, Jangan, Donwhang. This means trading now will be like in old way. You are only able to trade in those areas which will mean much more action for players.
- Added Custom NPC with all avatars, attachments, and hats. Now you will buy it from this NPC instead of Item Mall. This NPC will also have special items such as Gold Coins.
- Added Gold Coins to Class Online Shop (new NPC). Now you are able to exchange for 25B of gold.
- Stall gold limit for selling is now 99B
- Client´s security improved, now multiclient has been disabled. Now other servers copying out updates will be little harder.
- Added new horses to Item Mall and Unicorn to NPC
- New grab pets added
- New uniques added
- Now new players will have custom title  until they make any title quest. This will show everybody this is a newbie player, which just started playing on server. GM´s will have the following custom title: 
- New custom Premium ticket for Class Online.
- GM Uniques Titan version
- New Unique Hell Cerberus will spawn each around 3/4 hours at Jangan´s Ch'in Tomb (First floor)
- New Unique "Jupiter" will spawn at Jupiter Temple Palace
- More uniques spawning at special areas! Gotta catch them all!

[ Glows ]:
· +10 Shiny green
· +11 Bloody deep red
· +12 Celestial white
· +13 Freezing Deep blue/Red
· +14 Royalty golden

[ Pictures ]

Now is our winter event! As you see we've got more snow, you will have to look for our winter uniques that are being spawned somewhere in map, once you kill them you will receive custom rewards, look for them and get their prize!

Video event: • Login

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