Server Info
You start with 500 silk.
Client Translation : 99% English Translation
You can now vote and be rewarded with rubies..
Degree 12 Stones at the NPC - Grocery Jangan.

Server Files: VSRO - Legend VI - Forgotten World
Skills: All Working - Status, Duration, KB, KD, ect
Pets: All working
Maps: All areas working
Avatars: Working
Forgotten World for 120 - Working
Jupiter temple - Working
Alchemy for 13D - Working
Shop+13d items on Shop (you can buy with Arena coin)
Nova 12D SoX Items have a high chance of dropping from Jupiter Mobs
Guild/Union Emblem: Working
CTF: Working
FW: Working
FGW: Working
Xtrap: Disabled

Server RubyRoad:
Level Cap: 120
Item Level Cap : 130
Experience/Sp Rate: 100
Experience/SP Party Rate: 150
Gold Rate : 10
Item Rate : 80
Europe/Chines: Both.
Alchemy Succes Rate: Increased in stages - 100% untill +4.

Website: Homepage
Forum: Client 1.222
Register Page : Create Account

We have most of the countries covered with our payment system (besides paypal).

Some of the ingame options/items might have some slight changes.

Custom Titles - You can win them at one of our daily events.

Grand Alchemist------------------Pharaoh
Battle Master------------------Templar
Soul Reaper------------------Oracle
China/European Master------------------Spadasin

And many more of those only avaible on our server.


Fire Shiled Emperor - Level Fixed

Devill Shaitan Avatar [New]

[Demon Shaitan Outfit Front]

[Demon Shaitan Outfit Back]

ArchAngel Avatar[New] 

ArchAngel Avatar Back 


- The " Demon Shaitan Outfit " consists of ' Demon Shaitan Helm (M)', Demon Shaitan Armor (M)', Demon Shaitan Accessory 
(M)' for male and Demon Shaitan Helm (F)', Demon Shaitan Armor (F)', ' Demon Shaitan Accessory (F)' for female.
- The "Archangel Wing Outfit" consists of 'Archangel Wing Hat(M)','Archangel Wing (M)' for male and 'Archangel Wing Hat(F)','Archangel Wing (F)' for female.
- The number and type of magic options that can be added to the avatar items differs depending on the item.
- There are avatar items for both male and female, so please check the gender of your character before making a purchase.

Alchemy for Devill Spirit [New]

Angel Spirit [New]

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