Desire Online

What we offer...

REGISTRATION: Desire Online Registration

CLIENT DOWNLOAD: Desire Online Client Download
  • Level Cap: 120
  • Skill Cap: 120 - Mastery: 240 (EU) & 360 (CH)
  • Races: Chinese Euro
  • Server Capacity: 1500 slots
  • Server: 1 server - Desire
  • Item Mall: Yes (Human prices!)

  • EXP/SP Rates: 80x
  • Party EXP/SP Rates: 90x
  • Drop Rate: 25x
  • GoldDrop Rate: 10x
  • SOX Drop Rate: 50%

Game features...
  • Full 110-120 level areas
  • Jupiter Temple & Mirror World
  • Hall of Worship & Zealots Hideout level caves
  • D12 drops from ~110+ monsters
  • All new Avatars with EFFECTS (Event Reward first, Item Mall later)
  • Stackable Potions & Elixirs
  • Special beginner items when you create new characters
  • Titan Unique spawns every 2 days!
  • New level 75 & 90 horses at all stable NPC's
  • Fortress War, Holy Water Temple, Job Cave, Forgotten World & MUCH MORE are ALL WORKING too!

Server Hardware...
  • Maximum POWER Hardware: 2 different gameservers used = NO LAG in game!
Intel Core i7 Quad-Core 4x 3.4 GHz
24 GB DDR3 ECC Ram

Desire Online is, in our opinion, one of the most balanced & enjoyable servers with all features you want in game. Register on our website and enjoy playing with a good community, active GMs for support & server updates.

Some pictures...

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