Server Rates:

  • 120 Level Cap
  • Exp Rates:
    • 150x General Mobs
    • 160x Party Mobs (Lv.10 from First Mangyang)
  • 150X Skill Experience Rates
  • 45X Gold Rates
  • 15x Drop Rates
  • 15X Job Rates
  • 5x Berzerk Rate
  • +60% Alchemy Success Rate
  • European and Chinese Race.
  • Bloody Network never wipes the databases.
  • 2500 Slots

Server Features:

  • New Serverfiles Version 1.193
  • Bugless Serverfiles
  • New Job System (Thief vs Hunter)
  • Items Mall with latest KSRO and ISRO avatars
  • Bigger Stacklimts for potions, pills, elixirs, bolts
  • Working Jupiter Temple with uniques rooms , Worship and Zelatos Hideout. With original mob spawns.
  • LVL75 and LVL90 fast horses Goldcad and Silvercad. (New attack , ride and grap custom üets)
  • Working consignment system till D13
  • Capture The Flag Event (Every 4 hours)
  • Battle Arena Event Job & Random (Every hour)
  • Fortress War (Bandit ,Hotan and Jangan)
  • Active in-game support team and daily enjoyable events.
  • Working Guild/Union Emblem
  • Forgotten World System working with quests (LVL101-LVL120)
  • Working pets
  • Custom Glow System
  • Working Honor Grade
  • All areas working (inculding Jupiter World)
  • Experienced team that offer a balanced gameplay and an enjoyable game.
  • Xtrap: Disabled

Start Items:

  1. 150.000 Skill Points
  2. 1.000 HP & 1.000 MP Potions
  3. 10.000.000 Gold Coins
  4. 3 Days Gold Pig Scroll
  5. Grey Wolf Summon Scroll
  6. 20 Moving Speed Scroll
  7. 3 EXP Scrolls (150%)

Additional Information:

Downloads: Downloads
Account Management:
Official Facebook: The Bloody Network @ FB
Bloody@srstats: SrStats :: Capacity - Bloody
Join Tutorial:

   Task  Link 
1 Create an account here: Create it here
2 Create an Silkroad account: Create it here
3 Download Lotus Client: Download it here
4 Download Lotus PetFilter: Downloat it here
BloodySRO-Lotus1.1 Client Mirrors

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