Hello Everyone !

Sparta is the revolution of sro servers that already exist or even going to be existed .
I Will explain in fully detailed info in that topic why is Sparta an epic server and why it have the best gameplay ever .

*Please read carefully because the server game play is like circuses combined together

What the server based on ?
- Job System
- Roc 
- Glory Coins 
- Quests 

i will explain first Glory Coins because its the main important thing in the server .
Glory Coins : Its a In-Game Currency just as Gold . its useful for every player and they are able to buy with it the following :

- Roc Items
- ADV elixirs ( Maximum C )
- Stones ( STR / INT / Crit )
- Others ( Gold Job Suits / Holy Bible Elixirs / others )
- DG10 item ( Weapons And Accessory )

How to Get it ?
- All The Uniques 
- Roc 
- Meduesa
- Special Uniques Spawns In Roc Mountains
- Thief and Hunter NPC 
- Quests
- CTF ( Soon )
- Fortress Cave

Why it is made to be dropped from those ?

- To active the uniques hunting 
- To active the team work at roc and meduesa 
-To Active The Job system
- to active the challenging(you will understand what that mean in the explanation of the quests)
- To make FW more Challenging and to make guild activity more active .

Why glory Coins Even Made ?

- Hunting roc items will mostly goes to all the INT players and that is un fair for the others 
- to make the server full of life and activity ALWAYS 
- To make the job system worth and full of fun and challenge 
- To make you always find what to do not just being bored in game because u will always find something to do .
- To help everyone to enjoy the game as the other example the non donator and the not active player will also enjoy the game as much as the others .

Small tip :
The server is meant to be a really really long life server so getting the coins wont be that easy also to be able to buy important items like Roc items wont easy as well . so if you are looking for something that is easy to get and easy to make in less that one month then you should search in another topic .

Job System :
we have customized the job system to make it more challenging and also to make sure that not all goes thief or not all goes traders .
Lets see how it work ,

Traders / Hunters : Gets 6x Gold - 1x Coins Drop
Thiefs : Gets 1X Gold - 6x Coins Drop
So now you have to make ur choice ! also Coins aren't better than gold because even in buying items by Glory Coins you will need gold too to buy it 

By adding the Coins in the Thief and Hunters NPC the job activity will be active and non stoppable every day because also they will need it in some quests .

Roc :

we have customized the roc to be able to be killed BUT only in team work . also the roc attack now is low ( 3k ~ 5k With normal set - Strongest attack is 25k ~ 30k )
also it spawn every 24 and you can enter it with Glory Coins 
and Roc drop Glory Coins and there is some quests will need Roc Kills .
By that way we will make a good active friendly community .

Quests :

The new Quests system made by Glory Network is unique and will also help in keeping the server activity and challenge spirit , How ?

- Some quests need job activity ( ex. 0 / 1000 Thief NPC )
- Some quests Need Uniques Kills ( ex. 0 / 100 Tiger Girl )
- Some quests need Collections of both (ex. 0 / 1000 Thief NPC & 0 / 100 Tiger Girl )

Some quests are repeatable and some not .

Rewards :
- Coins ( alot )
- Titles ( Unique )

Fortress :
We also Customized the idea of the fortress to increase the Challenge between guilds and union and also to make the guild activity ( Guild pt in the guild Dungeon ) more active it was almost dead in every server .
Idea :
Fortress is in Friday and Saturday but you can only upgrade towers on Friday and you can't get the money and you can get the money in Saturday but you can't upgrade which will add more fun and challenge to the game . 
also at the Guild Dungeon ( Hotan ) tai sue drops Glory Coins which gives the guild who have the fortress more Advantage in getting coins fast .

That was a small summary of the Sparta of course the Live Play is much different and better . 
also as you can see that everything the server is based on is connected with each other .

Rates :

Exp & SP : 40X
PT Exp : 45x
Gold : 25X
Items : 25x
Job Rate : 20x
cap : 100
skills cap : 100
Degree : 10
Race : CH & EU
All Maps are working
alchemy : 1x 
magic pop : 1x
CTF is working 
Arena is working 
Capacity : 1000 ( later 2000 and more )

Start Items

1-Santa Avatar
2-Pet(28 Days)
3-Speed Scrolls
4-Zerk Scrolls
5-Globals (Amount = 11)
6-Reverse (Amount = 11)
7-100% Exp Helper
8-60% Exp Helper

Some Special Stuff

1-Custom Glow From + 9 to + 11
2-Added Glory Coins to Drop at Battle Arena
3-You Can Enter to Roc Area By Glory Coins Only
4-All New Pets With the Special Effect
5-Custom Trans going Added Very Soon
6-Changed Ice Trophy To Glory Coins to Drop From Players in CTF
7-Force Skills Added

website : 

Sparta - Glory Network

download Link :

Sign up :

Click Here

*over 400+ players from glorynetwork were waiting Sparta for long time so The server will be over 400 + in the first week so you dont need to worry of being alone .


- The server is meant to be a long LONG life server so we wont change rates or anything . 
- the gameplay is made for players who want to enjoy a non stoppable fun and challenge server and a non boring server .

- If you want to know what is unique in Sparta Read The Spoiler it is located in the begin of the topic .

Rules :

- Botting is NOT allowed unless you aren't afk . if you got reported while using bot while being afk a GM will directly check ur status if you were botting while being afk you will directly get ban.
- ANY kind of insulting to any player will cause a direct ban 
- Any kind of insulting to any of the Network Stuff will cause a direct ban
- ANY Kind of spams will cause a direct ban

Screen Shots :
Sparta Screen Shots

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