Server Background Source:
vSRO V1.88 Files.

What Does It Have:
Instant PvP
Spawn At Jangan South Gate "EU/CH"
Start with Nova D10+5 "Depends on Your Race"
All Avatars Added
Hotan Sells Elixers for Gold "For FTW Tax"
Premium Item Shop sells EGY B Weapons, other items.
Some Custom NPCs for Funz!
10x Job Trade Exp
25x Exp/Drop Rate
10x Alchemy Rate
200x Gold Drop Rate
Other stuff...

Special Things:
10,000 Stack Potions/Vigors/Pills - Credits: Atomix
Custom Glow Effects of Weapons - Credits: Atomix
500B Stalls - Credits: Dizzie
All Monsters are level 110 with modified health!
Item Mall has lots of item changes/prices!
Disabled Player Logs
Custom Tournament System "Honor Buffs"
Battle Arena Every 1 Hour "Different Type Arenas" 24hrs a day!
Jangan Fortress War Perfectly Working with command posts!
Hostan Fortress War Perfectly Working with command posts!
Lots of Bug Fixes!!

Technical Things:
Minimum Lag even with max players online!

Friendly staff, lots of events, lots of fun, no drama. Just wanna come over to chill? that's fine too.

Register Page: 
EnzoSRO Registration
Main Forum: 
Invision Power Board

Full Client: 
EnzoSRO Full Client
EnzoSRO Media (For players that already have a v1.88 client)

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