Server Info:
Capacity: 1000 Players
Cap: 80
Races Available: Ch Only
Exp Sp: 10x
Party Exp Sp: 13x
Drop Rate: 5x
Head Staff: [GM]Danny and [GM]GoldBot

Main Page: Xn-Gaming Main Page
Registration: Xn-Gaming Registration
Forum: Xn-Gaming Forum Pages
Teamspeak3: Xn-Gaming Ts3 Server

Restrictions & Limits
Item Mall: Cannot Trade
Login & Registration Limits: 8 Accounts Per Ip
Togui Village Rewards: Give 7D instead of 8D

Download Links:
Split / Multi Archive Links
Rapidshare - Xn-Gaming Part 1 v1.221
Rapidshare - Xn-Gaming Part 2 v1.221

Single Archive Links
Rapidshare - Xn-Gaming v1.221
FileHosting.org - Fastest Speeds - Xn-Gaming v1.221

Npc Information
Pot & Pill Stacking: 500
Size: X-Large Pots
Beginner Quests: Free Sun for 1-6D
Additional Stacking: Elements 30,000, Alchemy Mats 2,500, Tablets 500, Elixers 50, Stones 1

Item Mall Info
Avatars: Always updated with the latest Ksro and Isro Avatars - Currently have everything all the way up to the latest Angel Power avatar + event avatars.
Pets: We have the latest pick pets and growth pets. Fellow pets will be added soon as well as 5 page pick pets that will be available on a different page than 1 page pets for a slightly higher price.

Activities and Events:
Battle Arena & CTF: Working
Daily Events: Hide-N-Seek, Spawn Events, Inventory Expansion Assistance, Top 3 Jobbing Contributors
Weekly Events: Weekly Jobbing Events & Site / Forum Events Soon to come along with PvP Events + More
Forgotten World: Togui Village & Flame Mountain Working

Additional Information:
Guild Emblems: Working
Magic Pop: Working
Academy & Honor Rank: Disabled for now. May be re-added later
Advanced Elixers: Disabled
Alchemy Rates: +5 Average, +7 Little Harder, +9/10 Hard without Immortals / Astral
Taklamakan Changes: Increased spawn rate for all areas. Changed Bone Soldiers / Guards to Snipers and Hunters for increased grinding locations.

Obtainable Sox System:
Forgotten World Coins & Collection Books: You can collect coins that drop from Forgotten World Mobs & Uniques. Collection Books rates have been increased slightly but can only be used for weapon rewards. Coins are used to buy Armor at Npcs for 150 Gold Coins per piece. You can also exchange lower grade coins for higher grade coins for an exchange difference 3/1.

Unique Coin Drops: Uniques will drop coins with a high % but only the 4 old Uniques will drop them. I.e TG, Uru, Isy, Yarkan. Tiger Girl will drop 1-3D Coins (Copper). Uruchi will drop 4-5D Coins (Iron). Isyutaru will drop 6-7D Coins (Silver). Lord Yarkan will drop 8D Coins (Gold).

Magic Pop: You can obtain all SoX types and pieces at Magic Pop. The rates are around normal vSro rates. Definitely easier than Official (Isro) Silkroad.

Normal Sox Drop: Much lower than normal rates due to the fact we allow bots. This is to prevent them from flooding the server with "Rare" Items.

Unique System Changes:
Added Uniques 
Toad King Level 10 Unique found around Jangan city areas
Hyeongcheon Guardian Level 35 Unique around Dw city areas
Taishan Spider Level 50 Unique that spawns around Hotan city / Spider areas
Karakoram Primape Level 55 Unique that spawns around Karakoram / Muiji & Uijji Areas

Other Unique Changes
Spawn Point Additions All the 4 older Uniques have an additional 4-6 New Spawn Locations around their normal ones.

Site Features & Add On's
Rankings: Fully optimized ranking system for player as well as jobbing
Player Search: Quick & Easy player search system
Silk Gifting: Silk Gifting is made easy to send silk to friends or other accounts from your profile
Title Features: Able to add custom titles based on your jobbing level, donators, or custom assigned event winners from your profile.
Guild & Union Rankings: Union and Guild rankings based on members, level, and gp. Also shows full member list with member status.
Player Profiles: Clickable players from ranking or search that shows detailed information on all players such as gear, title, guild, skills + more.

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