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Anonymous is a new 80 cap PVE server. On our server, you start with 250m gold, 1m sp, 3 page invo, title 6, and 40/40 str/int. We have active staff, and frequent events at peak times with prize's. Open areas are: Jangan, Dongwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Constantinople. We have Battle Arena every 2 hours, Fortress war everyday, but will change to 2x a week. Mogic pop rates have been boosted and silk is available from events + shop at good prices. We offer increased potion stacks and stackable stones and elixers. Our job rates have been increased 10x for better gold reward. Our unique spawn rate is also boosted: tg, uru, cerb and ivy are 45 min. isy is 1.5h, lord is 2.5h.

We are continuously adding new updates and making new customizations.

You can register and download at: Anonymous - About

Rates  Values 
Exp 10x
Party Exp 12x
Drops 20x

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