WickedSRO was opened on the 13.11.2011.

WickedSRO Server Informations:

Level Cap: 90
Skill Cap: 90
Mastery Cap: 300

Exp/SP Ratio: x35
Party Exp Ratio: x40
Item Droprate: x15 (30x till the 29th November because of a Event)
Gold Droprate: x10 (20x till the 29th November because of a Event)
JobRate: 3x
TradeAmount: 3x (5x till the 29th November because of a Event)

Races: Chinese and Europe
Pets: grab, attack, movement


Hotan (including Roc Mountain)
Forgotten World

Capture The Flag, Battle Arena and Fortress War are all working.

Alexandria is disabled (for now)

Item Mall Items can be bought through Event So-Ok in every Town.

NOTE: We are not selling Item Mall Items/Skillpoints/Silk etc.
We don´t want to make profit with this server, we just want to create a equal Gameplay for everyone!

That means: NO real Money is spend on this server.

Furthermore, the GM´s are often online and can be contacted via PM or Message in the Forum.

Join WickedSRO for an equal and fair Gameplay with experienced GM´s.
A few of them came from ECSRO(for Example: Floppy, Wh1iteLotus, ZeraPain/Smarty/Dave).

Also, there are at least 3 - 4 Events per Week(Find the GM, Unique Events etc.)

WickedSRO Home:
WSRO || Wicked Silkroad Online Private Server

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