Echo of Silence

Increased Magic Pop & Alchemy (Plussing) Rate to x4.
EXP: x500
SP: x500
Party EXP/SP: x550
Item drop: x150
Gold drop: x75
Level cap: 130
Skill cap: 120
Job Rate: x100
Race : CH-EU
Degree: D13 ( All Items and Weapons and more )


Working Features.

- Trading and Thiefing is very Active here.
- Item Mall working.
- Fortress War (+Cave) working.
- Honor Rank working.
- Teleports are Customized you can Port to every town.
- Alexandria working.
- Job Cave working.
- Holy Temple working.
- All Dresses in Item Mall.
- Cheapest Silk around.
- Over 700 Players. [2000 slots]
- Adventure D Elixiers. (+4 on the used Equipment Part. )
- Selfmade Premium.
- Lucky Magic Powder and Lucky Stones buyable at Grocery.
- Modified NPC Shops.
- Password Changer.
- For more informations and Features come and Check out.


Website / Forum / Account Register : EOS Sro - Welcome

Server Status : ONLINE


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